View Full Version : graflex crown graphic polaroid back?

12-Jun-2011, 13:38
I've bin searching around the web for maybe a polaroid back for my graphic.
The problem is what will fit and is ok to use. After looking around a bit i found the polaroid 545i.

But after reading a bit about it, i found out it is not working with the fuji 4x5 instant films?

Main problem is i'm not sure if it fits. But looking up i think the 545i works on a graflex crown graphic (graflok back)?

Are there any solutions for me? and i'm i correct with the info so far?
Thanks in advance!

Louis Pacilla
12-Jun-2011, 13:51
Add a photo of your back. It will make answering your question much easier.

Unless you know what the different Graflex backs look like.

There are at least 3 different backs

I'm pretty sure you want a Graflok back.

Revolucion Artistico
12-Jun-2011, 14:42
If you do indeed have a Graflok back as Louis said, then you are looking for a Polaroid 550 or Fuji PA45 back like this one


Don't know the seller and didn't even read the description but it is the right back for a Graflok.


Revolucion Artistico
12-Jun-2011, 14:50
Oh and those backs are for the 4x5 film, I can't seem to remember the model# for the 3x4 backs that you can use also.

13-Jun-2011, 05:19
This is my back on the camera i have. i Think it's the graflok back?
So much difference in it. kinda hard to be sure. Dont want to waste money on stuff i cant use.

http://img848.imageshack.us/img848/6113/fotowg.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/848/fotowg.jpg/)

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The polaroid 550 or the fuji PA4x5. Cant they also use the current 4x5 fuji instant film. or only the old one's? Not sure if there's a difference between. Seems they are a bit different in size.