View Full Version : Funky bellows mishap

Noah B
12-Jun-2011, 11:24
Hello all, once when I was photographing and about to put my lens on the sun shined through the GG and burnt the inside of my bellows! It didn't burn a hole through, but it's charred in a few places. Has anyone else had this happen before?

12-Jun-2011, 12:06

I've heard stories of that sort of thing happening through an open lens which would focus the light rays, such as a cloth focal plane shutter getting burned through on a rangefinder due to direct focused sunlight, but through a ground glass is a surprise.

Brian C. Miller
12-Jun-2011, 12:15
Does your GG have a Fresnel lens? Those are magnifying lenses.

Noah B
12-Jun-2011, 13:59
Yeah, there is a fresnel lens on my GG. It was the strangest thing when it happened. I just wonder when I need to replace the whole bellows.