View Full Version : Looking to buy 4x5 ground glass for my Graflex Revolving Back

11-Jun-2011, 18:06
I'm looking to replace a broken 4x5 ground glass for my Graflex Revolving Back Camera. Does anyone have a source.

Walter Calahan
11-Jun-2011, 18:40
Steve Hopf Ground Glass


Daniel Stone
11-Jun-2011, 18:44
how does $3 sound? They may not be as bright as a Hopf, but they are a great, cheap alternative, and the quality is pretty good! I use one on my 4x5 back, and on my 8x10 too.



Steve Barber
11-Jun-2011, 18:57
Another vote for Steve Hopf:


With him, you get all three; inexpensive, good quality and fast.

12-Jun-2011, 20:52
Buy it from the Surplus Shed. I don't think you can do better than Kodak. I bought both the 4x5 & the 8x10. Very happy. They ship immediately & shipping is only $5.00 for any order. Buy extras at that price.

>>> Jim