View Full Version : Radio shack talking timer

George Nedleman
20-Jun-2001, 15:22
Under darkroom timers in Large or Medium format digests someone suggested a Radi o Shack Talking Timer. I checked it out on line and it sounded pretty good @$15. I received it last week and love it. It not only tells you the remaining minute s counting up or down, but at 1 minute it counts every 10 sec and at 10 sec it c ounts down seconds to 0. There is a memory so if you use 2 min for paper dev jus t push memory/start and off it goes. When you input time, it tells you where you 're at-1minute,2minutes etc. George Nedleman

Doug Paramore
20-Jun-2001, 19:29
Thanks, George. Someone else mentioned the timer a while back on this forum but I wasn't sure how it worked. I will order one tomorrow, if the local store doesn't have them in stock.


Rich Sharpe
19-Aug-2001, 11:00
Wireless Alarm Products, Inc. also carries a little fancier version of a talking timer.


Also available on their online store