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9-Jun-2011, 13:45
Hi all, so after using Polaroid on a 4x5 I would like to see what I can get on the 8x10 format.
Just got a "like new" Calumet Processor with Polaroid film holder, I have a chance to get a box of 803 sealed exp. date 2009 for 200 dollars, is this a good price?
There is no instructions or manual for the Processor, and never did this before,...how difficult is to get a 8x10 Polaroid result without waste money every try?:confused:

Thanks in advance Sal.

9-Jun-2011, 13:58
Google and you'll find the manual available for download.

9-Jun-2011, 16:14
Ok thanks, do you think is 200 dollar a good price?

sanchi heuser
10-Jun-2011, 06:34
Ok thanks, do you think is 200 dollar a good price?


that price is OK compared with other deals.

I tried to find instructions for the Calumet but only found them for the Polaroid processor.
I only can you give the hint that you need several tries to find out the right speed
for the crank rotation to avoid getting streaks. The crank itself breaks easy during transport, you have to be careful.

Than always clean the rolls, I assume it's needed after every time a negative/positive sandwich is pulled out.

The whole procedere is in most points similar to the Polaroid processor
but not in ALL points. The critical point is how to lay the positive sheet
and the film holder with the negative into the processor.


PS: found that

10-Jun-2011, 08:44
Thank you very much Andi!:)