View Full Version : linhof technicardan 23s, a good camera to get?

Mike McMullan
22-Jan-1998, 21:20
Interested in a purchase of a linhof 23s camera, anybody have any sugestions abo ut this camera, good or bad. My main photography is done backpacking. Would this be a good camera for this type of stuff? Thanks

Sean Donnelly
3-Feb-1998, 00:46
I own a Technikardan 45, which continues to amaze me with its convenience and ve rsatility. Linhof's advertising claims are no exaggeration -- the TK's really a re full-featured monorail cameras which fold to field camera size, without any d isassembly.

After five months of use, all backpacking, I wholeheartedly recommend the TK. I t's worth the hefty price.

Ron Shaw
5-Mar-1998, 17:02
Personally, I beleive that if you are going to go to the trouble of a view camer a, go with larger formats. 4x5 cameras arent that much larger. You give up a lot of conveinience by going to a view camera, so you might as well enjoy a larger negative for your trouble. Of course, you do gain movements, but you loose speed , TTL metering, etc.,etc. If you really want to use roll film, maybe a nice used med. format would be as better for your application?