View Full Version : Contact prints made on paper developed only by Florescent light?

Amie Lynn
17-Jun-2001, 23:12
I have recently learned that a paper exists where an 8x10 contact print can be d eveloped by being left under a several florescent bulbs for 3 to 4 minutes. Wh at kind of paper is this and where can it be purchased? Obviously, the print wi ll continue to be exposed as one views it in light, how would you keep it from d eveloping furthur?

Sandy Sorlien
17-Jun-2001, 23:45
Amie, Sounds like you're talking about Printing-Out paper. It is not sensitive to fluorescent, just to daylight and sunlamps. It produces an image without developer. You just expose and the color changes to create a contact print image or photogram. It's really cool. You can tone and fix it to make it permanent, which changes the red color to something else. Buy it from Chicago Albumen Works in Housatonic, Mass. Sorry I can't find the phone number right now.

Chad Jarvis
18-Jun-2001, 09:00
Buy CAW's Centennial POP from Bostick & Sullivan. (http://www.bostick- sullivan.com)

Chad Jarvis
18-Jun-2001, 09:01
Oops... Bostick & Sullivan. (http://www.bostick-sullivan.com)