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7-Jun-2011, 19:12
Hi, I currently have a Chamonix 54 and a couple of lenses on it.. I am looking to buy a 810 and was wondering if there was a camera back made that lets you place a 5x4 Fuji Back in various parts of the frame for exposure testing ie as in not just the central part of the 810 frame?

If these reducing backs only exist so that they are in the centre part of the frame, would placing a 150mm (as standard) and focusing, give me roughly the same view as a 300mm (standard) and give me the same exposure? I realise that thewy would be different lenses but all I can think of that would be different would be D.O.F. I can allow for this though... ANyone else see any other issues to be concerned with here?

Also, at this stage, I am looking at two cameras, the Shen Hao TFC810A or the Wehman 810. Both cameras don't seem to come with a 45 reducing back, I know the Wehman suggests buying a used one and sending it to him for modification, what about the Chamonix?

Also, does the Shen Hao give the ability to use the Sinar Shutter (like the smaller XPO in 54 format) ?

Ok, thanks so much, I realise this sort of veered off the point and maybe should be in the cameras section.. Sorry about that..

Any information anyone could provide would be fantastic!

Best Regards Josh

7-Jun-2011, 20:17
You would get roughly the same view with the 150mm on 4x5 as with a 300mm on 8x10. If you keep the back (film) position fixed, you will get a bigger discrepancy as your subjects get closer. At infinity, the views will be the same. With both lenses at the same F-stop, DOF will be significantly different.

I'm curious though, what is it that you want to test? The Sinar shutter?

Greg Y
7-Jun-2011, 20:23
Chamonix does sell a reducing back for their 8x10. You could also find a used Canham & reducing back in the same price ballpark and a venerable Deardorff for sure for less $.

7-Jun-2011, 20:39
If the camera has any movements (shift, rise/fall, etc) there is no need for an oddball 4x5 back.

If you want the same DOF with the 150 on 4x5 film, use the same linear aperture on the 150.

Lachlan 717
7-Jun-2011, 21:26

I've sent you details on the Shen Hao front standard being able to accept Sinar shutters.

Brian C. Miller
7-Jun-2011, 21:50
A 150mm lens on an 8x10 is awfully short. The normal bellows will be considerably compressed, and you'll need bag bellows to have any movements at all. I have a Calumet C3, and the bellows are nearly at the maximum compression with a 159mm (6-1/4") lens.

7-Jun-2011, 22:25
Hi, Thanks for the responses! Greatly appreciated... So just to clarify things (and sorry about possible sideways tangents), the thing I was looking to test was to basically take an exposure test on 5x4 Fuji FP100C45 and was just wondering if attaching a 150mm on an 810 would give roughly the same viewpoint as a 300mm on 810..

So to "Engl" you are saying keep the back the same and just adjust focus by the front? Thats what I was thinking.. The Sinar shutter question was really just an afterthought, as I thought this would be a cool feature to have if purchasing a new 810 camera..

To "ic-racer", of course you are right with regards to the movements, am not sure how I didn't think of that :)

To "Lachlan 717" thanks for those details, much appreciated!

Just another quick one, just saw the Canham cameras, very interesting indeed.. Am I right in assuming that the 5x4 version can take a 810 back and vice versa? Is it just the wood cameras that allow this? Or is it the metal ones as well?

Ok, thanks so much again...

Paul Fitzgerald
7-Jun-2011, 22:29
"The normal bellows will be considerably compressed, and you'll need bag bellows to have any movements at all. I have a Calumet C3, and the bellows are nearly at the maximum compression with a 159mm (6-1/4") lens."

plus an adapter back sets the film plane even further back, it would be easier just to use a 4x5 camera that can swap lens boards with the 8x10.

just a thought.

7-Jun-2011, 22:43
Hi Paul, Am thinking of travel/location situations so to have both a 5x4 and a 10x8 would not really be feasible.. Thanks for your suggestion.. Anyone have any information on the Canham cameras? Thanks again..

Asher Kelman
7-Jun-2011, 23:51

I use a 150mm Super Symmar XL on an 8x10 Chamonix and have a 4x5 reducing back. There's no issue focussing the lens with standard bellows. However, I have noticed with aggressive tilts and shifts I get slight invasion of the imaging area by the folds of the bellows. This is enough for me to want bag bellows, but not ever give up my favorite lens. The only thing I'm doing now is searching for an even wider lens, a 120 or 130 mm lens and this is all full frame! My own interest is detail rich imaging with ultra-wide angle views.

If you were using that 150 mm on the 8x10 Chamonix, with the 4x5 reducing back, then you would have absolutely no trouble with the regular bellows. The image on the 4x5 back would correspond pretty well to the the image of a 300 mm on the 8x10 as long as it had a sufficient image circle, and some, may not!

The Chamonix 8x10 is, as you might expect, very light and easy to use and as you already know, beautiful too! If the cost is no object, I'd consider getting it. However, the back does not shift, but can swing and tilt. You'll enjoy it. Caveat! Does one really need 8x10? If you are not going to do contact printing, and not using an enlarger, but scanning, you may want to just stick with your wonderful 4x5 Chamonix! Perhaps, instead research the best wide angle or telephoto lens for that more practical format. After all, you are going to be using it for travel and events and if you are going to scan anyway, what can 8x10 offer you for your needs what 4x5 cannot deliver?

A higher quality LF lens on a 4x5 might possibly even trounce a lesser quality lens on an 8x10 for your choice of work and the scanner available to you. Worth considering, but of course, your needs are unique and this is just my $0.02!


8-Jun-2011, 00:58
The short answer is no. A 150 lens on 45 is similar to a 300 on 810 but is not exact. The dof is significantly different.

Buy a 300 and an 810. I will not be disappointed.

8-Jun-2011, 03:47
Buy a 300 and an 810. I will not be disappointed.

that should read YOU will not be disappointed.....damn i phone key board.....