View Full Version : Portra 160 in Canada

Tony Evans
6-Jun-2011, 13:42
Still can't find any. Kodak.ca dosen't show any. Dealers refusing to stock until old Portra sold out or not released here yet?

Jan Normandale
9-Jun-2011, 23:19
have you called Vistek?

Vistek Edmonton
10569 109th Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T5H

Tony Evans
10-Jun-2011, 06:08
On-line they only show VC. There is none down town.

10-Jun-2011, 20:40
On the Kodak USA web site the only color sheet film they list is Ektar 100.

10-Jun-2011, 22:40
I bought some portra 160 at Lens and Shutter, and it says "new" in bright red letters on the packaging.

Joseph O'Neil
12-Jun-2011, 09:04
IMO you are best to do mail order form the USA. In Canada, Rob at bigcamerworkshops seems to have the best on hand and in stock supply of LF film, but it's all B&W as far as I know.

I posted a thread some time ago about this subject too, except at that time, it was the new Tmax 400 film. I live maybe a 4 hour drive form Rochester, NY, but you think any Kodak dealer in my area had or would order the new Tmax 400 at the time, even though all the major US dealers had it on hand?

Eventually some Cdn dealers carried it, but if memory serves me correctly, it was almost 6 months after it was on the shelves in the USA. So nowadays, I check with Rob first, and if not, which I may point out seldom happens with B&W film, I go either mail order or drive an hour and half to a well stocked camera store in Port Huron, MI, and pick up stuff there.

Like my dad said to me just the other day, he isn't bothered that a store doesn't have a particular item in stock anymore, it's the growing attitude amoung many retailers up here who don't seem to give a crap and just tell you to look elsewhere. And that's what I do.

Tony Evans
13-Jun-2011, 06:24
Will be available in Canada "mid- to late-summer 2011". Response from Kodak.

13-Jun-2011, 22:13
Just import it. I love to support the B&M stores, but most prices in Canada are not in line with the rest of the market when it comes to film. Even with import fees and shipping, it's cheaper to import.

Though I find paper, and chemicals to be reasonably priced.