View Full Version : Definitive Tripod Base/Platform Dimensions Thread

5-Jun-2011, 11:12
For some reason, manufacturers and online retailers sometimes neglect to state the dimensions of the platform and/or base of their tripods and tripod heads. How do you know if a certain head is too big for a set of legs, for example? Or if a certain head is too large for your camera's mounting plate? Please contribute your measurements to help rectify the situation. =)

Head Base and Tripod Platform Diameter
Gitzo 2-Series: 60mm
Gitzo 3-Series: 75mm

Gitzo GT5531S Systematic Tripod
Platform diameter: 100mm

Gitzo G1370M 3-Series Low-Profile Head
Platform size: 4 3/4'' x 2 3/4''

Gitzo G1570M 5-Series Low-Profile Head
Platform size: 6'' x 3 3/8''

Jim Jones
5-Jun-2011, 18:22
Tiltall - 2 31/32 diameter. A little has to be filed off of the front edge to permit use of a drop bed on some press cameras.