View Full Version : Flat or recessed board for 75mm lens on Chamonix 4x5?

4-Jun-2011, 14:20
In order to use the full image circle (~200mm) on one of the modern F4.5-F5.6 75mm wide angle lenses, would I need a recessed board on a Chamonix 4x5 with the universal bellows?

I know a flat board will be no problem straight on, but I'd like to use the 30mm of rise offered. I'd much rather use a recessed board instead of a bag bellows, but ideally I could get by with flat board and universal bellows.

Thanks in advance to anyone who would share their experiences with such a combo.

4-Jun-2011, 23:54
As long as the rear of the lens clears the bellows folds and there is sufficient coverage, you should have no problem with the movements on the Chamonix 045N-2 with a 75mm using the universal bellows. Using the full range of movements with very short focal lengths can be a problem due to lack of physical clearance, but the 75mm should not be a problem in that regard.


5-Jun-2011, 01:52
As Steve says you will have movement beyond your 75mm lens image circle even on a flat board.

6-Jun-2011, 16:27
Thanks for the replies! It helped me with some preparations for the trip I am now on.