View Full Version : Lee polyester filter, how good ?

4-Jun-2011, 05:15
I own 67mm B+w filters for my hasselblad and consider buying polyester Lee filters for LF lenses larger than 67mm.
I would like to know if the use of polyester will greatly affect the optical quality of lens+filter.

Thank you for your experience if you have used these filters.


Mark Woods
4-Jun-2011, 09:06
Non glass filters are easily scratched.

Ole Tjugen
4-Jun-2011, 09:24
I use Lee filters all the time, both polyester and the thin "gel" filters. They are more than good enough. Note that the "goodness" is inversely proportional to the focal length: The longer the focal length of the lens, the more critical is filter flatness. What works perfectly on a 90mm might not give good results on a 1000mmm!

Roger Cole
4-Jun-2011, 09:28
I have a number of the Calumet acetate filters in frames that I use with a cheapy holder. Seem to work fine, and I can use all the filters on all my lenses in all formats.

Ole Tjugen
4-Jun-2011, 09:35
Let me just add that I have lenses with every possible filter thread, and many without. A Lee universal holder - held on with a rubber band - is the only solution I have found to have the filters I want available to use on whatever lens I use - or my filter set would weigh more than my camera.

Roger Cole
4-Jun-2011, 09:45
I use one of these, bought new back in the day but still turning up on ebay for not that much:


No rubber band needed.