View Full Version : To buy or not buy a Linhof M679 or M679CC, that's my question.

Ignacio Molina, from the Yucatan, Mexico.
10-Jun-2001, 12:42
Hi, to everyone :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking a moment of your time and reading this message. I am in the dilemma of buying a LF camera and have thought on a Linhof M679 or M679CC. Since it is a series of questions and not just one question, I think it would be better if I send you by e-mail the questions. If you think you are a person who would like to help me with some general and some specific questions about the Linhof M679 or M679CC, please e-mail me at: imolinav@hotmail.com I would deeply appreciate being helped. Thank you all very much for your time and kind attention. Truly yours, Ignacio Molina. Yucatan, Mexico. P.S. If you would like to get these questions from the moderators of this site, I have also send them the questions. Thank you.

Ellis Vener
11-Jun-2001, 02:34
Unless you are just going to be doing studio work you might be better off to consider other 6x9cm format view cameras that will be beter adapted for use in the field as well as the studio. I suggest you consider instead either the Linhof Technikardan TK23s or the Arca-Swiss 69FC.