View Full Version : Discovery focus knob loose

Mike Mahoney
21-Jul-2001, 22:29
My previously tight and snug rear geared focus knob has suddenly developed an un usual amount of vertical play, more than a quarter inch either side. This seems to be an internal looseness as the knob itself is on tightly. The looseness pers ists even when the focus lock knob is turned in tight, but not when the locking knob is turned out tight. Is this a cause for concern?

Allan Fontanilla.com
22-Jul-2001, 02:45

Mine does the same and has always done so. It seems to be working fine so I wouldn't be too concerned.

23-Jul-2001, 14:21
Dear Michael

The focusing axis has an exclusive suspension to offer very smooth focussing as well as a certain security if you drop your camera. Your Discovery is absolutely perfect.