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Alex J. Brown
7-May-1999, 21:40
What brand and make of camera can I use a schnieder 47xl and or 58xl on a flat l ens board?


Howard Slavitt
7-May-1999, 23:13
Are you looking for 2 x 3 or 4 x 5 cameas? On the currently made 2 x 3 Linhof Technicka, I'm pretty sure you can use them with a normal lensboard. I believe there's a second focusing rail that sits inside the camera that you can use to focus the camera (unlike with the Horseman 2 x 3 cameras, the Linhof inside the body focusing rail has a focusing control, like the front rail). I'm also pretty sure that the Linhof Technikardan 23 and the Swiss Arca 6 x 9 cameras will take both lenses with normal boards. The Swiss Arca probably requires a bag bellows. There are also, I believe, some Ebony field cameras (again 2 x 3) that will take both lenses with normal boards. They have a website, I don't know the address, but it looks like they're neat cameras. They're expensive and not often used in the U.S. so accessories would probably be difficult to get. Why not use a Toyo A (or AX or AII -- are those the model names?) and a recessed board? I use the 58 mm xl on my Horseman VH with a recessed board and it works great, with lots of movement. You can also use the 58 mm xl on the VH with a normal board, but then you will need to forego all movements except for front tilt and swing.

Ellis Vener
8-May-1999, 02:10
I am unsure of other cameras, but with the Arca Swiss F cameras you can easily use the 47mm XL: I konow because I've done it. (Arca tells me it is possible to use a 45 APO-Grandagon, but I haven't tried it) on their standard lensboard. Mind you the standard Arca board is recessed 13mm. You will need a w/a bellows.

With the Canham DLC it is possible to use a 58XL on a flat board and still have some movements; no w/a bellows needed. Keith Canham has told me that some people have used the 55 Apo-Grandagon with the DLC, but I can only imagine that the movements (rise/fall & shift were extremely limited.

I am speculating here but I believe the Linhof TK cameras can utilize the 58mm XL with a standard board.

Bob Salomon
8-May-1999, 06:09
The Linhof Master technika 2000 takes 35mm to 65mm lenses on a flat board with full camera movements. Of course as it is a Technika there is no accessory bellows required or available.

The Technikardan takes 55mm to whatever on flat boards. 35 to 47mm on recessed boards. As this camera has an extreme amount of movements you would need the wa bellows to take advantage of them.

The M679 uses 45 to whatever on flat boards and the 35mm on a large recessed board. A wide angle bellows would be needed.

The Linhof Kardan GT and GTL use 65mm up on flat boards. Due to their extreme movemts (up to 7 1/2" odf rise) a w/a bellows would be needed.

Charles Matter
9-May-1999, 10:04