View Full Version : Foma 5x7 film available in the UK

Pete Watkins
2-Jun-2011, 06:59
The good news is that I phoned Silverprint yesterday to see if they had any Foma 5x7 and they've got a limited amount of 100 & 400 asa in stock. It's getting harder to get than the film holders.

3-Jun-2011, 00:08
AG Photo do Adox in all the obscure sizes. Bought a 50 sheet box of Art 100 in 5x7 that arrived yesterday. Fresh and dated til next year (the longest the factory seems to give)

Pete Watkins
3-Jun-2011, 05:36
Hi Ash,
I don't like Adox but I've got the hang of Foma 100 & 200, 400's coming on. Basically I hate change.

3-Jun-2011, 11:29
Fair enough. I like Adox because it works; I shoot and develop and get a negative. Not fussed past that.

David Low
5-Jun-2011, 08:13
I have recently got hold of some 5x7 holders for my half plate camera and want to buy some film for them. Any advice on the merits of the various ADOX ASAs and any tips re exposure and and developing that people could share? Currently using Ilfosol 3, mainly for the convenience that it is available from a local shop.

5-Jun-2011, 08:33
David, I'm sure Pete can help with Foma stuff as well.

As for Adox I only shoot the 100iso because I like consistency between 35mm/120/5x7 formats. Somewhere I read the emulsion is fragile until it has dried. This is true, I managed to cut through it with the corner of another sheet when hanging up to dry. That was once in a box of 50 though, so be careful and you'll be ok.

Currently I use the R09 developer bought from AG as well. It's just Rodinal with a different label. Around 1:40 for 15 minutes is sufficient but usually I overdevelop a little, to the degree of 1:30 for 16minutes for good measure. This is because I don't trust my shutter speeds to be accurate, and I'd prefer a dense neg to a thin one.

Pete Watkins
5-Jun-2011, 13:10
I'm still working on my times for Foma 400 ( I should have them worked out later this week) but for the 100 & the 200 I use a Patterson Orbital set up (contstant agitation). Two 2 minute pre-washes in tap water, eight and half minutes in D-76H 1-1 (Kodak D-76 used 1-1 should work at the same times), four or five rinses in tap water and two five minute fixes in a neutral or alkali fixer (I use a formula for Agfa Rapid Neutral Fixer). All tap water should be at the same temprature as the developer (20 c). Thirty minute wash, a quick rinse in de-ionised water and hung up to dry. I don't handle the film with bear hands, and be aware that Foma emulsions are very delicate when wet.
Hope that this helps,

Pete Watkins
5-Jun-2011, 13:16
Proof of the pudding!

David Low
5-Jun-2011, 14:28
Hi Ash and Pete

Thank you to both of you for the advice. It sounds as those both films are worth a go.


5-Jun-2011, 14:58
This was with the Adox today, trying a low key side light.


A few months ago I'd underexposed or underdeveloped, I can't remember which. Anyway below is a neg that was probably a stop (maybe two stops) under. Very thin.


This one was after I realised I messed up with the first I developed this one for longer.


The second is better but the first still managed to have enough detail. Point is Adox shows enough latitude for me, so you can't go too far wrong with it.