View Full Version : Compatibility of Wista 6x7 N with Chamonix 045N2?

2-Jun-2011, 03:26
I just received my Chamonix 045-N2 yesterday (yay!) and so far everything's looking very good!

The only small problem I'm having is with the Wista 6x7 N roll film back I bought a while ago (in anticipation of the Chamonix, which is my first LF camera). When I put it on the camera it's not a tight fit. The back wobbles.

The Wista back has four areas on the edges where the metal is thicker, I suppose in order to make a tight fit with a locking mechanism. However, on the Chamonix the locks don't line up with the thicker areas when the back's mounted the right way around. They do line up when the back's turned the other way which makes for a tight fit but then the darkslide can't be inserted properly.

Is this a common problem with the Wista backs? Would I have more luck with a Horseman back or a Linhof Super-Rollex?

2-Jun-2011, 10:43

SW Rick
2-Jun-2011, 12:28
I use Wista 6x7 Type N on my n2 without a problem. Make sure the back "slips into place" on the camera. Mine is tight, no wobbles. Did Wista make, perhaps, two kinds of backs, one proprietary? Or maybe I'm thinking of Toyo and their sliding back adapter?

I also have a Horseman 6x9 and 6x12, and no issues on them.

2-Jun-2011, 13:31
What do you mean by ''slip into place''? There's not really any room for the back to slip anywhere. It just wobbles back and forth because there's a gap between the locks on the camera and the edge of the back. Do the thick areas on the edge of the Wista back line up with the locks on your camera? Like I said, if I turn the back upside down the areas line up perfectly and the back locks in tightly but then it's difficult to put in the dark slide.

I would assume that all type N backs are the same??

SW Rick
2-Jun-2011, 14:04
The Type N back is intended to apparently be inserted into the camera back the way a film holder is- it has a plate on the rear which I guess slides against the groundglass- I never used it that way, as it surely would scratch the class (if it even fit).

By "slip into place" I mean that it should be seated down into the back- if it's not, the locking levers won't work properly. As I recall, the rotating locks on the camera fit over the lower/recessed frame, not over the thick areas. When the back is seated properly, it won't move in the rear standard, and it is easy to then rotate the locking mechanisms into place and secure it to the camera.

If this doesn't help/make sense, drop me a PM with your email, and I'll take a picture and email it to you.

2-Jun-2011, 14:39
There's no way the back fits under the ground glass and if it did I wouldn't know how to operate the winding lever.

In any case, I still don't understand how the back can be seated any better than it already is. The frame of the Wista back fits very nicely into the frame of the camera with little to no lateral wiggle room. I wonder how do you secure the Wista back with the rotating locks if they don't cover the thick areas?

I'll gladly take you up on your offer for a picture. PM sent.

2-Jun-2011, 15:41
Same with mine, I just use two or three layers of Ali tape on edge of the film back that line up with the Chamonix locks. It's worked just fine, nice tight fit the locks grip the tape well and if it wears out just replace the tape.

2-Jun-2011, 16:29
Send Hugo an email or PM with your question.


3-Jun-2011, 02:21
Hi Jon,
good to see that I'm not the only one! Rick also sent me some images of his back and it looks like he's using the back the other way around. It does indeed lock in tightly this way but then the darkslide gets bent a little when inserting it as it pushes against the wooden frame on the camera.

lilmsmaggie, thanks, but I think I don't need to inconvenience Hugo with this. There's nothing he can do and it's not like I'm going to return the camera because of this. I just might look into getting a different roll film holder down the line.

3-Jun-2011, 03:44
Don't waist your cash Jamie it works fine with no problems with a bit of tape.

3-Jun-2011, 04:47
I don't know the camera, or the back.
The tape seems like a good idea-

However, is there a chance that the sliding locks have been mixed up?
Is it possible to swap them around?
Or would it make no difference...

3-Jun-2011, 05:34
Jon, I made two long strips of cardboard that I use to bridge the gap and it works very well. If I ever stumble upon a cheap back from a different brand I'll consider buying that one and selling the Wista (so no cash would be waisted) but for the moment it's perfectly fine. I'm not even sure how much I'll be using 6x7 anyways.