View Full Version : Any Ektapan users?

David R Munson
4-Jun-2001, 14:36
I was just wondering if there are any Ektapan users our there. What little info rmation I've found on the film makes me think that it has similar characteristic s to Verichrome Pan, which is about my favorite in 120. Any feedback on this fi lm would be appreciated.

Doug Paramore
4-Jun-2001, 20:09
David: I shot a 100 sheet box of Ektapan a couple of years ago and liked it. It is a film for commercial use. I was pleased with the results, but not enough to change from Tri-X. It does remind me of Verichrome Pan and holds the highlights without blocking up. It is a good general purpose film.


Scott Walton
5-Jun-2001, 10:16
I have used it for years for not only studio stuff (matched tonal range of color film) and location stuff also. It is 100 speed but developed in Diafine, the stuff is beautiful. Dave, one further note... I do recall Kodak has discontinued Ektapan if I'm not mistaken...

Frank Burtnett
5-Jun-2001, 23:52
Not an answer here--I'm getting ready to try some Ekatapan. At which speed did you rate it when developed in Diafine? Thanking you in advance, Frank