View Full Version : Pyro & t-max

Gary Ross
3-Jun-2001, 10:47
Has anyone used t-max film with pyro???

Jim Bright
3-Jun-2001, 14:15
I have not used t-max with pyro personally, but in the book "The New Platinum Print" by Richard Sullivan and Carl Weese they discuss the pyro response of several films. Their conclusion is that TMax 400 gives a excellent pyro staining response while TMax 100 does not deliver a good pyro response. Hope this helps. Best of luck

Jorge Gasteazoro
3-Jun-2001, 16:12
I used it with mixed results, sometimes I would get beautifull negatives, sometimes I would get mottled negatives, but in all fairness I think it was my fault because of sloppy mixing procedures. In Gordon Hutchings book I read if you mix the chemicals and use a metal spatula you might get contamination. In any case, if you are able to get the mixing, and agitation right, you will get some of the best printable negatives you will ever see, beautifull highlights, great shadow detail, and so easy to print( specially on graded paper)

3-Jun-2001, 16:37
With TMax100, PMK Pyro is good, but in my opinion Rodinal at 1:50 works better. Ilford Delta 100 seems to work very well in PMK Pyro, however.

Rich Lingg
3-Jun-2001, 23:07
Yes. TMY shot at 200 ISO developed in Formulary's ABC+ pyro diluted 13:26:1000 for 16:00 @ 75 degrees in BTZS tubes. Strong yellow stain. Prints well on Grade 2 to 3 1/2 paper, depending on the contrast range of the subject.