View Full Version : Horseman 450 4x5

Clark King
16-Jul-2001, 01:36
I will buying a Horseman 450 4x5 view camera. I cannot find any info on this cam era via the Internet due to the fact that the camera is about 14 years old, but in excellent condition. What would I compare this camera with today as far as f eatures and movements are concerned? So far I have been comparing it to the Hor seman LE. Was the Horseman 450 an entry level camera?

Thank you for your time, I am new at this and appreciate all the help!

Clark King

Huw Evans
16-Jul-2001, 05:05
I've got a 450 and, as far as I can see from the specifications on the Horseman web site, it appears to be identical to the LE. It's an excellent monorail, and unless you want yaw-free movements I would say it is difficult to beat. I think it was entry level at that time, but I'm not absolutely sure.