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29-May-2011, 10:34
I built a film cutter today to cut 8x10 film into 2 4x10 pieces. I would like to hear from anyone with regards to their design. When I cut a sheet of 8x10 i get 2 4x10 pieces that fit perfectly into my canham 4x10 holders.

29-May-2011, 11:52
I dont use this format, and never need to cut my film, but my concern when I think about cutting film is that I will lose track of which side of the film is the emulsion side. Do you have a method for notching the un-notched half of film?

29-May-2011, 12:15
just notch the upper left corner.

Roger Thoms
29-May-2011, 12:18
Any chance of posting some pictures of yours?


29-May-2011, 12:35
i will have pics tonight

29-May-2011, 13:51
I use a Martin Yale 7000E stack paper cutter as it has a clamp that holds it all down
cut 50 sheet of film all at once

29-May-2011, 15:54
Here are the pics(taken with a cell phone)
I cut 5 sheets into 10 4x10 pieces, loaded easily into the film holders.
Needs 2 modifications, a hinge at one end of the cutting guide and a 1/4" metal plate set in the wood along the cutting line.

29-May-2011, 18:04
i had done the same and cutting 8x10 to two sheets. but now, i cut a dark slide of 8x10 film holder. whenever i shoot in 4x10 format, i would position the image (which is 4x10) in the middle of ground glass first. and then put the 8x10 film holder in the camera, remove the 8x10 dark slide, and then put the sheet of 4x10 dark back to the film holder.

of course, you have to remember which portion of film had been exposed (i never have this problem). finally, you would get two 4x10 images on one sheet of 8x10 film. if you like a 4x10, you would cut the exposed film to two sheets.

Jim Galli
29-May-2011, 19:11
A page (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum44/10481-bulk-lf-film-cutting-loading-aerial-roll-film.html) about how I do it.

29-May-2011, 20:46
I made a couple, one for 8x10s and another for aerial. Both based on the "cricut trimmer" and simple enough to use them in total darkness. In case somebody is interested, here's the link to the trimmer