View Full Version : Question on Efke Film

28-May-2011, 20:15
I'd really like to play around with some of the Efke 4x5 sheet film, but am a bit nervous to give it a go considering how I'm currently doing my developing. I'm basically doing Taco Development in a Paterson 3-reel daylight tank.

I see on Freestyle's site that they say you need to be really careful with the wet emulsion. Is anyone using the Taco method with this sheet film?


Rick A
29-May-2011, 04:16
I use the film, and develope it taco style. Dont sweat it so much. I use Pyrocat-HD, and as soon as its out of the fix, I put all my sheets into a tray for washing. I only am concerned with the bend setting in with sheet film and taco method. Pyro should toughen the emulsion enough to help prevent scratching. If you are using stop bath, use it half strength, I also use one rinse between stop and fix, helps make fixer last longer.

Richard Rankin
29-May-2011, 06:31
I never used it taco style, but used the film for years. The scratching I got was always from the corners. The base is thick and a little stiff, and the corners a little sharp. If they touched the emulsion in the trays, they scratched it. After switching to drums instead, I never had any problem.

29-May-2011, 09:07
Good news. Though I was rather thinking of using Rodinal to develop it. I might be running back into the shop this next week. if I do, I'll probably pick up a box.

29-May-2011, 09:56
I'm using efke 100 in 5x7 and although I haven't used the taco method yet (will be soon as I found a small container at wally world that will work once painted black) I find the emulsion not as soft as I've read. Have only scratched 2 negs due to gross mishandling. My 3 yr old was beating at my darkroom door and while trying to rush the negatives into the fixer long enough to open the door I dug the corner of 1 neg into 1 and proceeded to drive it across another. Oh well, she did tell me I had a nice little room down in the basement even though she said it was really messy.

1-Jun-2011, 03:55

Just remember you'll need a hardener with Rodinal (excellent match to Efke by the way). If you use a pyro like Pyrocat-HD, you don't need a hardener. I'm also a daylight tank guy since I have no darkroom space. I use the HP Combi tank and while I had leaks in the begining, it works well with no leaks now. Forget the Yankee tank. The taco method worked in a pinch for me a few times but I damaged a few sheets when the rubber band shifted positions. Efke 25 = Adox CHS 25 and the Aox is cheaper at Freestyle. Great stuff and my go-to slow film in 4x5 with Acros a runner-up.

Lynn Jones
2-Jun-2011, 15:24
The original owners fo Freestyle, my friends Sam Fatman and Irving Resch turned me on to Efke back in the 1970's, I think they were the first importers in this country. We imported and disributed Efke films after that for B&J & BBOI.