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Darin Boville
28-May-2011, 19:38
I need a little help.

I'm selling off all my unused photo gear and I can't find any real information on what a fair market value might be for these:

http://montarafog.smugmug.com/Other/Pictures-for-Articles/i-8XwDF8h/0/L/asislenses-L.jpg (http://montarafog.smugmug.com/Other/Pictures-for-Articles/3115607_x8RgU#1311391823_8XwDF8h-A-LB)

The Turner REich actually works just fine--just that somebody re-installed the aperture-blade thingy wrong and it *starts* about halfway stopped down and closes further from there. Looks like balsam separation as well.

The Linhof didn't really work when I first got it--soaked it in naphtha and it worked beautifully. Once it dried it wasn't long (minutes) before it started getting slow again. Repeated the process, tried to lubricate with fine machine oil. Same result. probably an easy fix for someone who has a clue what they are doing (not me). Good looking lens.

Any estimations? (Due to the forum rules, please, no offers to buy.) If and when I sell I will post them in the sell area.



29-May-2011, 03:51

but the fact that your lens needs a CLA who knows.....

kinda hard to tell which tr you have but none get that much. probably the same or less than the symmar. the TR have a bad rep.....(and not all are bad!)

Bob Salomon
29-May-2011, 05:03
Exactly what did you put oil on?