View Full Version : 5x7 Toyo Filmholders

wm mitchell
13-Jul-2001, 12:28
Hi, It's my understanding that Toyo once made 5x7 cameras. Does anyone know if they also made filmholders. Jeff@ Badger believes that they never made them, but sugg ested I ask this question to you all. Thanks in advance. BILL

Sal Santamaura
13-Jul-2001, 14:53
Don't know about "never," but their catalogs from as far back as the late 80s included only 4x5 and 8x10 holders. Perhaps MAC could help you?

James Chow
14-Jul-2001, 02:59
I had the 1999/2000 Toyo catalog in Japanese and also noticed that while they did sell 5x7 view cameras, they didn't offer any 5x7 holders.