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28-May-2011, 07:15
Looking for a good formula for fixer. Currently using TF-4 and love the stuff. However shipping of the liquid is a bit expensive, and the kit from Formulary is a bit high as well. Would like to mix my own fixer, so if anyone has experience with this let me know. Thanks

28-May-2011, 07:32
Just do a search on google for tf-2 fixer... I've used it and it works well for prints and film

Gem Singer
28-May-2011, 07:41
Since you like TF-4, here is an another alkaline fixer from The Film Developing Cookbook: TF-3----

Amminium thiosulfate. 57-60%-------800ml.

Sodium sulfite anhydrous---------------60gms.

Sodium metaborate----------------------5gms.

water to make 1 liter.

Dilute 1:4 to make working solution.

Ole Tjugen
28-May-2011, 08:28
If you want to avoid shipping liquids, you can try my version - OF-1:


kev curry
29-May-2011, 05:31
Lloyd Ericks plain fix...