View Full Version : Swapping Copal Shutter Fittings

Steve Hamley
27-May-2011, 19:09

I recently purchased a lens in a Linhof recessed lens board, and the shutter is fitted with the recessed board fittings; angled cable release and angled PC fittings. I want to swap these fittings and put them on a shutter for a different lens. Both are Copal 0 shutters.

My question is are there parts going to fly out when I remove the fittings? Probably not but better to ask fist.

TIA, Steve

27-May-2011, 22:30
You can replace the parts with no worries. Just use a properly sized, good quality screwdriver when working on the small screws that hold the parts in place.

27-May-2011, 22:45
The small screws that look like Phillips are not. They're "cross-point". Big difference.

Using a small Phillips on a cross-point screw will bung up the screw badly.

- Leigh

Steve Hamley
28-May-2011, 16:53
Thanks everyone