View Full Version : Which 210 should I sell?

Darin Boville
27-May-2011, 08:49
I'm "lightening the load" and selling off all of my unneeded camera gear. I do this every now and again. :)

I've got two 210--I think they are much the same--but I'm no expert. Which do I keep and which do I sell?

The one on the left is a Symmar-S, serial number 12908708 in Copal 1.

The one on the right is a Rodenstock Sironar-N in newer Copal 1, serial 10380581.

When I googled this before I decided on the Rodenstock, but now I forget why! My other lenses are a hodgepodge of brands...



Gem Singer
27-May-2011, 08:58

Sell the older Symmar-S in the silver rim Copal 1 shutter.

Just don't expect to get much for it.

Check what they are selling for at KEH.

Best of luck.

27-May-2011, 08:59
That is easy, toss a coin, head is the schenider, tail is the rodenstock. Seriously, I don't think it would make much of difference.

Ken Lee
27-May-2011, 09:04
Are size, weight, filter size all the same ?

27-May-2011, 09:06
Sell the one you dont like. Have you shot both? Did you test them against each other in the type of photography you like to do? If so keep thew one that renders images the way you like. If you are collecting for value, keep the one that has more market value.

Simply put, you cant use them all.

I have seen people who horde lenses/gear. The hope that one day to cash in, but they they become so attached they never do. One day the end comes, then family members who didn't care much for photography anyways gives them to goodwill or they go to some person at an estate or yard sale who then sells them off for as huge profit on a forum board or ebay, ect...

IMO use it or get rid of it. Collecting dust in the lens cabinet (the graveyard) does no one any good at all. I know this because I used t be a gear collecting idiot. It takes far longer to get rid of things than it does to acquire them. I still have junk I bought I cant get rid of. It seemed like a good deal at the time but was a waste off $$

Good luck what ever you do, AKf

Darin Boville
27-May-2011, 09:06
Are size, weight, filter size all the same ?

No, the Schneider has a larger front diameter and is heavier...


27-May-2011, 09:33
Keep the Rodenstock, it is smaller, lighter, takes smaller filter and has a more modern shutter that is likely to stay healthy and serviceable for longer.

Darin Boville
27-May-2011, 09:42
Thanks to all--I'll sell the Schneider!


27-May-2011, 14:55
I have the Rodenstock (Caltar) and it is very good. I would keep that because it is a good lens, has a newer shutter, is lighter, and takes 67mm filters.

27-May-2011, 15:27
Why do you have two?
Maybe you should just keep both of them and buy another one.

Darin Boville
27-May-2011, 15:33
Why do you have two?
Maybe you should just keep both of them and buy another one.

One came with a camera, I think. Three might be a little heavy :(


Jim Noel
27-May-2011, 15:41
All the specs in the world do not matter. Keep the one which renders scenes the way you like them.

Ken Lee
27-May-2011, 16:04
He has already sold the Schneider.

Even so, people will continue to reply to this thread. :)