View Full Version : Replace ground glass

11-Jul-2001, 18:53
Hello to everyone,

I broke my first ground glass (the first glass toward me) of my Toyo VX125. Is there a risk of focus shift doing this replacement? Do I need to go to an expert?

Thank you.

Jorge Gasteazoro
11-Jul-2001, 20:12
I dont know about how the Toyo ground glass is installed, but my Linhof TK45 has tiny little screws that hold the ground glass at the film plane, if yours is like this as long as you dont touch these screws you will be fine, provided you get a ground glass from Toyo with the same thickness (ouch! not cheap) If I were you I would replace it myself and check the sharpness with film, if you see a problem then send it to Marflex, they will be able to get it placed at the exact film plane. Good luck!

adam friedberg
11-Jul-2001, 23:52
if you're in nyc you can have it replaced very easily at fotocare, lens&repro or nippon photoclinic. if you don't know what you're doing it wont cost much to have one of these places either do it for you or explain how it's done. as far as i know marflex is the service center for linhof and rollei.