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24-May-2001, 18:24
Hello, I wish to know more about the digital series lenses offered by Rodenstock & Schn eider...what are their characteristics besides being optimised for digital backs ?Do they offer equal or better performance than the usual APO lenses?Are they th e latest design which offer the best performance?Thanks.

Bob Salomon
24-May-2001, 19:41
We can mail you brochures and performance curves as well as a 4 page explanation of the differences between Digital and non digital Rodenstock lenses if you are in the US.

Then you can get Schneider's curves and compare them yourself.

Yes (except for the HR series) they are superior for digital and roll film applications.

neil poulsen
27-May-2001, 10:21
For information on Schneider digital lenses, see WWW.SCHNEIDEROPTICS.COM. They have promotional literture on the digital lenses at this site. See "Photo Optics" and proceed from there. They also have some information on vintage lenses that is noteworthy.

If you have questions after reading this site, give Schneider a call and ask for the LF technician.

It's too bad that Rodenstock doesn't provide similar information on the Web. I've looked, and I've asked, and they don't. Ditto for Nikon, although one can obtain brochures from either company.

Bob Salomon
27-May-2001, 14:12
he volume of information in th Rodenstock brochures are usually greater then the information that is on line on Schneider's lenses.

Rodenstock's brochures on each series give MTF, distrotion and color response curves for each lens by focal lenght as well as coverage, shutter sizes, filter sizes, etc.

29-May-2001, 22:57
I managed to come across a brochure in Japan having some information on the Rodenstock Digital lenses, I am surprised to realise that all of them only covers an image size of up to 7cm by 10cm.I reckoned they are meant more for digital CCDs hence will become quite a limitation for roll-film(I suppose the biggest roll film to use will be 6 by 9,not sure about movements)I wonder if the Schneider digital series will have a bigger image circle?

Bob Salomon
30-May-2001, 10:19
Most of the Rodenstock Apo Digital lenses cover 6x12 cm.

The Rodenstock Apo Sironar Digital HR lenses cover a smaller area.

1-Jun-2001, 00:08
Hi Bob, Thanks for the info,can I then presumed that the 105mm & the 120mm that I am interested in will cover 6x12cm?On top of that coverage does it allow movements?Thanks.