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25-May-2011, 12:59
Hi everyone,

I am looking for 4X5 and 8X10 E6,C41 film developing services since I live in Honolulu, and people don't develop Transparency and Colo Negative.
Would you list a lab's name or website, or you favoriate film developing lab.
Thank you so much.


Mark Woods
25-May-2011, 13:13
A & I in Hollywood CA. Top lab in LA.

25-May-2011, 14:05
A & I in Hollywood CA. Top lab in LA.

Thank you Mark.
The price is reasonable. Thanks!

25-May-2011, 17:15
I know its a bit far but LTI (http://www.ltiny.com) in NYC is fantastic.
They process E6, C41 and B&W in D&D processors. They are fast, extremely nice and very reasonable.

Daniel Stone
25-May-2011, 18:05
1. Samy's in Santa Barbara, $5/sheet. On c-41 processing, ask the following: 1 sheet/rack ONLY, bottom rung. On E-6, same thing. They happily take mail order. They use fuji chems btw(for c-41 and e-6, same as kodak fyi).

2. Praus Productions(upstate NY): a little more cost-wise than Samy's, but they do a great job, and use Kodak-branded chems. They happily take mailorder.

3. A+I. I've not had a very positive experience with them, but others will squash my opinion ;). But they're there. It wasn't with the actual developing, but with a problem over-billing and not wanting to refund it.

4. LTI: super duper good. Others here can/will back me up. Great people(they're New Yorkers on the phone, so to the point ;)), but turnaround was fast, and my film came out as I knew it could.

all in all, most labs run a pretty tight ship. What you want is a lab with TURNOVER. Basically, the chems and machine aren't just sitting there being aerated but not used. Especially on 8x10 film(and mostly with C-41), mottling in open sky, smooth tonal areas is unfortunately common, unless a lab has a workaround for it. Hence why I've moved to shooting a lot more E-6. But a lab should work with you if you have a problem with their processing, especially since you're helping pay their salary :). Just say that you don't want someone MEANER to come back and bite them in the @$$.

oh, on shipping:

A $10.95 priority mail flat-rate box will ship anything anyhwere in the USA, whatever will fit inside.

just sayin


25-May-2011, 18:34
Several of us use Tempe Labs; I think it is $4.25 a sheet 4x5.

26-May-2011, 05:42
A & I in Hollywood CA. Top lab in LA.

They still do e-6 but i just heard they may stop due to lack of demand:(

Daniel Stone
26-May-2011, 08:02
They still do e-6 but i just heard they may stop due to lack of demand:(

wouldn't surprise me. Most people still shooting color film these days are shooting color neg anyhow(at least the standard consumer), so E-6 isn't getting much use.

Icon(if you're located in LA), will also do a great job. Fast service, friendly people, and prices aren't too shabby either, not counting extra for sales tax. IDK if they do mail-order though.