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Ilja Friedel
9-Jul-2001, 22:48

I nearly finished the transaction to purchase the Shen Hao. But now I can't reac h Perry anymore. All emails bounce. www.shen-hao.com is still up, but www.camera china.com is gone. (I get to a page with TVCnet.com instead.) Does anybody know what happened and how to reach Perry? I tried the email address at www.shen-hao. com again. Let's hope that this works.


David Willis
10-Jul-2001, 01:19
I got an email from him on 2 July responding to some concerns about the camera. The address was perry@camerachina.com

Perry also included the following line in his email.

For more information about the camera, you can contact our adviser in USA, Mr. Geoffrey G. Chen and his e-mail address is mailto:DB45TEK@aol.com

I expect Geoffrey knows how to get in contact with him or other folks at Shen Hao.

Geoffrey has been very helpful and I really appreciate it. The Shen Hao is an excellent camera for the money, especially when purchased directly from them.


Bong Munoz
10-Jul-2001, 14:10
My messages to Perry bounced, too. TVCnet.com hosts their name service. If you can't get in touch with Geoffrey Chen, you might want to use snail mail instead:

Shanghai Seagull Camera Co., Ltd. 175 Nan Su Zhou Road Shanghai, Shanghai 200002 China

That's the address for camerachina.com's WHOIS entry.

David Willis
10-Jul-2001, 16:32
Perry sent me his phone numbers, if you're interested. They are

Please find my telephone number again as follows: Office: (021) 33130330 63213020 Mobile: 13601712210


Ilja Friedel
11-Jul-2001, 21:01
Thanks for your responses! The website is up again and I reached Perry. Today I did the electronic transfer. In a few weeks I can hopefully say more.