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Jack the boatman
25-May-2011, 02:06

I have just bought 100 sheets of 4 X 5 film. I am planning to do my own Iso check using the Zone System and then developing in a Beutler developer.

Does anyone have experience of this film, developer and any tips?



peter schrager
26-May-2011, 00:42
this is a great film...develop in pyro-mc 1:1:100 8.5@72 degrees for normal
pyro 2:2:100 for platinum 11@72
xtol 1:1 9@72 normal nrgs
Best, Peter

26-May-2011, 01:12
I have read on other forums that the speed quoted for Adox film is the tungsten light speed and the daylight speed should be double. I have never rated Adox at ISO but you could try it. My suggestion would be to test at 32ISO and box speed first. If they are too thin then go down to 18. I have rated ISO 100 Adox at 64 and the negatives were too dense.

kev curry
26-May-2011, 01:54
Jack I just found this on a UK retailers (Ag Photographic) website...

''Adox CHS25, as would be imagined, exhibits extremely fine grain and is the slowest in the Adox CHS series. Unlike it's sister films, the 25 is extremely intolerant of overexposure, in particular - overexpose by one stop and over develop by one zone and you have some virtually unprintable negatives! This is a film for those who already have some experience with traditional black and white photography, or who are prepared to test - however the rewards are amazingly fine grain, even from a small negative.

As with all ADOX CHS films, it is made in Croatia on the original German machinery and to the original recipe, for total authenticity. Expect a film reminiscent of 50 years ago in all respects, but one very capable and usable in the 21st century''.

26-May-2011, 08:49
No experience with Beutler, I use Pyrocat HD or Rodinal. Adox CHS 25 I rate at 25 and consider it a fantastic film. Fantastic. In fact it has been my slow 4x5 of choice for a few years now. I've shot 8 minute exposures with no reciprocity issues. I do find that it isn't that forgiving of overexposure.

William Whitaker
26-May-2011, 09:05
This thread at RFF may provide some direction regarding Beutler:
Several hits on Google for Beutler developer. YMMV.

Jack the boatman
26-May-2011, 11:11
Thanks a lot for the advice


Lynn Jones
31-May-2011, 15:53
I'm old enough to remember the Beutler developers which were designed ablut 90 years ago for thick emulsion, love resolution films. You would simply do the best you could do with the then new 35mm film cameras.

Adox is a beautiful high resolution, thin emulsion film and deserves to be processed in a high res formula such as Rodinal (and its new name), HC110 at 1:31 or 1:45 (ignore Kodak's recommendation of partial dilution plus additional dilution - crazy), or D76 a1:1 or occasionally 1:2.


Jay DeFehr
31-May-2011, 19:57
Here's one approach:


And a variation:


I think all the developers mentioned here are capable of excellent results with this film. Have fun!

Jack the boatman
1-Jun-2011, 06:12
Thanks again for additional comments. The film hasn't arrived yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it.