View Full Version : 3S-KangRinpoche Film Changing Tent

Craig Alan Huber
23-May-2011, 22:57
Does anyone have any experience with this changing bag from China? They used to be a really good buy at $70 for an 8x10 bag but shipping was high. Now they are a bit higher, but shipping is less.


23-May-2011, 23:56

i've read some stuff... seems like it would be okay and it's the same size as a harrison standard tent (almost to the cm)

but being from china i bet it wont last as long as a harrison but would be good for a short while i guess...

Lachlan 717
24-May-2011, 00:50
If you can afford it, take your medicine and get the Harrison.

Put simply, they're great.

And, again, if you can afford it, get the biggest one you can get. I made the mistake of initially getting the Pup. I then went to the regular one. Thanks to a really great guy here on the Forum, I now own a Jumbo...

Craig Alan Huber
24-May-2011, 22:25
OK, I get the message ... I just PM'ed a fellow selling a Jumbo Harrison Tent here on the Forum. Medicine taken :-)