View Full Version : Foma 111, which warm tone developer ?

22-May-2011, 07:59

I have just received a box of foma 111 and tried this paper with dektol and selenium.
The blacks are deep with the selenium toning but I find this paper much colder than the ilford multigrade developed in dektoln and in fact too cold.

Would it be a good idea to use a warm tone developer instead ?

Which one would you recommend, bromophen ... ?

Thank you for your help.

Christian Petit

Renato Tonelli
22-May-2011, 13:39
I've tested it with Ethol LDP 1+6 and Formulary (ANSCO) 130 1+1; both toned in Selenium 1+19 . I preferred it with the 130 developer - just slightly warmer and very pleasing. I find some of the papers labeled as warm-tone (Ilford et.al) a bit too much.

Emil Schildt
22-May-2011, 13:44
lots and lots of ways....

If you can wait, I'll ask my girlfriend tomorrow (maybe show you a couple of examples)..

She makes magic in the darkroom, and normally uses FOMA.

(Foma makes their own warm tone developer.. which certainly is warm!...)

But also Moersch makes fantastic developers - and FOMA reacts beautifully to most!

23-May-2011, 04:37
Thank you for your answer, and yes, I can wait your formula, I am very interested about it.