View Full Version : Many thanx to all

Michael Kelleghan
14-May-2001, 18:43
I want to thank everybody who has contributed to this list over the last year. I have been lurking all this time, saving my pennies and picking used equipment based on ya'll's postings. I greatly appreciate your unselfish contributions, as they have greatly helped this newbie.

Thanx to your comments, I have finally obtained enough gear to actually make my first 8x10 picture! Well, ok, there's leaks in the bellows, and the timing on t he shutter needs work, and the Jobo developer is going to take some practice bef ore I go live, but after a couple decades of living in the digital zone it looks like I'll be going "unplugged" Real Soon Now ;-)

Thanx again for everything.

Mike :-)

John H. Henderson
15-May-2001, 12:50
Yay! Someone has seen the light and is moving in the right direction!