View Full Version : Seikosha-SLV Shutter

Kent Stillwell
20-May-2011, 16:17
the Shutter is on a 90mm f8 Ilex Wide Field . The shutter is locked up . Anybody know any good places for repair or should I get another lens.

20-May-2011, 16:22
Sure, it's with fixing. Might be a lot cheaper to do that than to buy a new lens. There's a good camera repair place on Main Street. But, seriously... where are you?

20-May-2011, 16:25
Kent, I just had Carol at Flutotscamerarepair.com fix this same type of shutter. Perfect now and less than $60.00. She does any shutter work that I have and does it super well.

Kent Stillwell
20-May-2011, 16:47
That sounds good. I am in Houston Texas. Over 100 days and we are still looking for good rain.

20-May-2011, 17:29
I wish we could send you some of ours. We just had about another 2 inches today near Branson and we're not even in the part of Missouri that's been hit with the worst of the flooding. You are welcome to all of our flash flooding here and the horrible river flooding on the Mississippi side of the state.

Kent Stillwell
20-May-2011, 18:51
Strange year we are so far behind it is ungodly The bayous in Houston may become ditches if this keeps up. The wind has not stopped blowing since February! No fun when you are trying to use a LF camera!
:( :(