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7-May-1999, 16:23
www.bostick-sullivan.com/hobo/welcome.htm Could this sucker be outfitted with a cone and for a 165 super angulon? Or would the box frame impinge on the circle ? A crippled gran-view? A 500 dollar p&s pinhole? What is it? How would you u se it?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
7-May-1999, 20:08
Looks like a wooden B&J Orbitar. Kinda cute. Clyde Butcher might want one.

9-May-1999, 17:52
I don`t know how useful the hobo is for most photographers but the guy who made it has done some nice stuff. I read an article in a shutterbug last summer by the guy,this was before they started selling them as the hobo, any way his original idea was to make 19th century point and shoot. I like the idea but personally I like being able to focus. Josh