View Full Version : Arca F-line Orbix tilt on nodal point w/ raised standart?

10-May-2001, 19:07
To those who have access to an Arca F-line camera with the Orbix add-on: If the Orbix tilt mechanism is used, does it tilt the lens round its nodal point also if the front standart has been directly raised? Or is the Orbix pivot point fixed in relation to the monorail, meaning indirect movements would have to be used when rise and tilt is to be applied at the same time?Also, what happens to the pivot point in relation to the nodal point wh en using recessed lensboards?

I played with an Orbix equipped F-line for a few minutes at the last Fotokina, b ut didn't think about the above questions at that time...

21-Aug-2001, 10:38
Well, it seems I have to answer my question... Checking with Arca Swiss customer support revealed that <ul><li>the orbix on the F-line tilts the lens round its nodal point only iff th e front standart is completely lowered</li> <li>the geared orbix (micrometric) is available, albeit `in low production volum es' (delivery delay up to 3 weeks possible)</li></ul>