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Greg Nelson
7-May-2001, 20:06
With an Elwood enlarger and an old, uncoated Wollensack 139mm lens I make B+W en largements from 4x5 and 5x7 negatives without any technical difficulties. Low co ntrast prints, in general, have caused some consternation however, and I'm wonde ring if a more modern lens might make the difference. I have the chance to get a pretty good deal on a 135mm Rodagon, and I want to know if it will adequately c over 5x7. Any comments or suggestions?

Greg Nelson

Kevin Crisp
7-May-2001, 20:26
I think to cover 5X7 you're going to need something more in the 210 mm range.

Cesar Barreto
7-May-2001, 23:32
Greg, With this 135mm lens you'll barelly cover 4x5' on small prints. For bigger ones, the 150mm will do a easier job. As posted above, 210mm is the best bet for 5x7'. Good work.

Cesar B.

pat krentz
8-May-2001, 04:38
You could always use your taking lens as the enlarger lens also. Pat

Kevin Crisp
8-May-2001, 10:48
Greg: Along these same lines, if you check the Ebay darkroom accessories section, you'll find occasional el-Nikkor 210's show up and they go very cheap. This is a HUGE lens (fist sized), but will fit with modification on a Beseler-sized lens board (4X4?) and if one of those will fit on your enlarger somehow, they are a great buy and a great lens. I bought one just to cover 5X7 and then found it will cover 8X10. The 210's are apparently in between what most people want and maybe that is why there isn't much bidding action on them. Have fun.

Jeff Buckels
8-May-2001, 12:15
Also look out for the 7.5" Ektanon. A great lens. Not big either. -jb

8-May-2001, 23:42
'if you check the Ebay darkroom accessories section...' You don't even need to bother with ebay. KEH has it, dirt cheap.

Greg Nelson
10-May-2001, 09:13
Thanks for all your help. What is KEH?