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18-May-2011, 12:50
Hello all,

I have been reading many threads on this forum as well at the APUG forum as I am preparing to buy my first batch of film for my newly purchased Jobo CPA2. I was wondering if any of you wouldn't mind looking at looking at what I'm going to buy and answering a few questions. Here's my shopping list so far:

Kodak Flexicolor (C-41) Developer Starter for Color Negative Film - 1 Quart
Kodak Flexicolor (C-41) Developer Replenisher for Color Negative Film - Makes 5 Gallons

Kodak Flexicolor RA (C-41RA) Fixer & Replenisher for Color Negative Film - Makes 10 Liters

There is a 5 liter package of fixer as well. But fixer doesn't really go bad correct? So I don't really have to worry about the amount I purchase.

I had a few questions about bleach. B&H has listed both Bleach III Replenisher and Regenerator. Is there any difference between these? Regenerator appears to be much cheaper than Replenisher.

Kodak Flexicolor (C-41) Bleach III Replenisher for Color Negative Film - Makes 5 Gallons
Kodak Flexicolor (C-41) Bleach III Regenerator for Color Negative Film - Regenerates 5 Gallons

There was also this bleach item that I was not sure if I should buy instead:

Kodak Flexicolor RA (C-41RA) Bleach Replenisher NR for Color Negative Film - Makes 5 Liters

Finally, I was having trouble finding stabilizer. Could anyone recommend what to use?

Is the shelf life of unmixed developer starter and replenisher about the same as all of the other elements? I know mixed developer only lasts for about 2 months but I didn't know if this applied to unmixed as well.

Thank you! I can't wait to finally use my Jobo but figuring out the chemicals has been a bit difficult.

22-May-2011, 12:33

23-May-2011, 06:33
I'm not sure what you have is right or not. Kodak has muddied the waters by changing sizes and names of their chemistry to the point where I can't figure out what the right set is anymore. This link shows the newer SM set of chemistry combinations for a JOBO in the rotary tube column. Not sure it helps you at all so I hope one of the current C41 users answers.