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27-Jun-2001, 05:41

My camera is cca. 50 years old model. I am shooting BW and now i thinking to use color filters. I have 2 lens for 5x7. One 135 mm and the other is 210. For both i have just mediu yellow and stroneger green filter and the problem is that the y dont screw on the lens but just simple put on. Any suggestions?



Scott Walton
27-Jun-2001, 09:58
If there is a thread to the filter and the lens you can get adapters. Let's say the filter is a 67mm and your lens are 58mm, you can get step up rings. If the filter doesn't have threads i.e. Series Filters... you still can get adapters. If they are squares, try a cokin adapter.

27-Jun-2001, 10:02
Excuse me but i forgot to include that on the lens is not thread. The original filters are just simple put on and off, no threads.


David R Munson
27-Jun-2001, 23:51
This may help. (http://www.skgrimes.com/slipon/index.htm)

David R Munson
27-Jun-2001, 23:53
Wow...and I even did the HTML right.....