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17-May-2011, 20:25
Hi All,
First of all i swear I searched...really I did.

I have a jobo2850 that i use with my jobo lift or a bessler motorized base. So far 810 has been great in it.

I have been using the taco method for 45 but I wnat to move into c41/e6 using the jobo lift and would like to load up the 2850 tank with 45.

I bought the tank as "new old stock" and the little clips to hold the 4x5 in place were not included. I test fitted some 45 negatives and they look like they will stay in place but jsut not sure.

Do i need the clips? I have looked all over and not seen them for sale....I dont even know what they look like :)

If I need the clips has anyone found an OK replacement?


17-May-2011, 21:00
You don't need the clips. I developed plenty of 4x5 without the clips without issues (till I moved to the expert drum).

Lachlan 717
17-May-2011, 21:30
Run a couple of old sheets through it with water in it.

If they fall out of place, look for the clips.

(I doubt that they will).

The clips can, on occasion, lead to other problems. You should be able to find those with a search.

18-May-2011, 05:22
thanks...i figured the clips were extra!

I looked all over for them just to see what they looked like; no luck