View Full Version : New Ilford Paper

17-May-2011, 17:07
Is the new Multigrade Art paper available yet in the US? Have any of you kids tried it yet???

Mark Woods
17-May-2011, 22:40
My camera store has samples to see, but I haven't had time to see it. My friend who's the Mgr. said it's great, but they don't know what it's going to sell for. But probably a premium. Ilford is already at a premium.

Oren Grad
17-May-2011, 22:57
Silverprint in the UK is quoting the new MG Art at about a 25% premium to MGFBWT.

matthew klos
18-May-2011, 12:25
I liked it quite a bit, dry down seems to be a bit tricky. Also very expensive, I bought mine of freestyle.