View Full Version : Cibachrome Tubes

Bill Kumpf
17-May-2011, 14:45
Can the Cibachrome Mark II Color Processing Drums be used to process 8x10 B&W Film? These are the smooth bore tubes without ridges.

Would using a plastic window screen sleeve around the film help in processing and clearing the back? Or would it just add scratches?

I currently tray process 4x5's.


Steven Tribe
18-May-2011, 01:49
I find the ciba/ilfochrome tubes with a motor base to be absolutely reliable/effective for standard BW 8x10 development.
Without any sort of modification.

19-May-2011, 18:20
I use a Cibachrome drum to process my 8x10 negatives. Usually a do two or three prewashs with 100mL of water, to clean the back of the film. I develop with 80 to 100mL of chemistry.