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QT Luong
17-May-2011, 00:08
I've compiled a list of 2010 large format photography books (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/books/2010/) that caught my attention. The list is in no particular order, although I have placed new work first and retrospectives (many this year !) second. It's not really meant to be a "top 10 books of the year" list, since I've likely missed many.

Please feel free to add your favorites to this thread, as well as discuss my selections.

17-May-2011, 06:16
Thank you for sharing this. I see two of those that I want to buy.
Kenro Izu has produced some amazing images over the years. It's good to see a "greatest hits collection".
I'm not familiar with Cuny Jansen, but the description of book sounds like it should be very familiar to me. I grew up in and around Bartlesville, and know several people of the Delaware tribe. I look forward to reading it.


17-May-2011, 06:21
Beautiful compilation. Thank you.

18-May-2011, 21:12
Book Trailer for Cuny Jansen's "My Grandma Was a Turtle":
I'm curious to read it, but having lived in the area, I think better photos could have been chosen to represent the city/county. The $88 they are asking for it will probably stay in my pocket since watching this video.

Eric Biggerstaff
20-May-2011, 08:24
Well, that looks like an interesting book by Cuny Jansen, but I am not sure I would add it to the collection. I grew up in Tulsa and worked in the oil fields around the area. Looking at the trailer reminded me of the HOT summers there and the humidity, man it sucked! I do miss Tulsa however.

Kimberly Anderson
20-May-2011, 09:53
Thanks a lot. Just bought the O'Sullivan book. I hadn't known it was published.

QT Luong
20-May-2011, 15:38
At least the video made me realize that there are captions beneath the images, something that I missed in two readings :-)

9-Jun-2011, 09:39
Lets not forget Andrew Moore's Detroit Disassembled

17-Nov-2011, 06:41
"Framing The West" by Timothy H. O'Sullivan is currently being exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute. The prints look great in person.

John Powers
19-Nov-2011, 06:19
John Blakemore Photographs 1955-2010
Published Oct 1, 2011. Part of his retrospective show in London



John Powers
19-Nov-2011, 06:29
There are at least two Timothy H. O'Sullivan books out this year.

Timothy H. O'Sullivan: The King Survey Photographs (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art) [Hardcover] Keith F. Davis (Author), Jane L. Aspinwall (Author) connected to the Art Institute of Chicago exhibit


Framing the West: The Survey Photographs of Timothy H. O'Sullivan [Hardcover] Toby Jurovics (Author), Carol Johnson (Author

connected to the Smithsonian exhibit earlier this year. Toby Jurovics is the Smithsonian’s Curator of Photography.

Has anyone seen both books and would care to comment on their relative merits?

John Powers

Brian Ellis
19-Nov-2011, 09:35
Oh man, I wish you hadn't done that. I'm a photography book junkie, I want them all!

John Powers
19-Nov-2011, 11:41

I knew that. It was my evil way of paying you back for all the negative comments about the Linhof Technikardan 45 I had and enjoyed for seven years. Now you must beware because Ari has it and may zap you in the future.

I’ve ordered the Blakemore book because I love his work and there was no choice. I missed the Smithsonian show but have heard Toby Jurovics speak as well as critic my prints in a workshop. I plan to see the Art Institute show, but was curious if anyone had seen both O'Sullivan books and could give a view point.


QT Luong
7-Dec-2011, 01:32
Lets not forget Andrew Moore's Detroit Disassembled

I listed it under the entry for "The Ruins of Detroit" which explores the same subject. I think Ruins is a much better book. The market seems to think this too. As of this posting, Ruins starts at $338 (it was $80 when my list was published), while "Detroit Disassembled" is more discounted now than it was then.

9-Dec-2011, 09:46
Talk about the ultimate LF photographer!

Overlooked is the Getty's 2011 publication of Carleton Watkins' "The Complete Mammoth Photographs". (http://blogs.artinfo.com/modernartnotes/2011/12/new-carleton-watkins-book-is-mammoth/)

Beautiful reproduction, as expected from Getty. At $200, it ain't cheap :eek: (Amazon has them still for $136). But definitely a collectible future classic...

QT Luong
9-Dec-2011, 12:18
James, thanks for mentioning this. Very likely to make it into the 2011 list.

10-Dec-2011, 01:49
James, thanks for mentioning this. Very likely to make it into the 2011 list.

Happy to help out, QT!

5-Jun-2012, 18:39
Cool thanks for sharing but I'm not sure I want to add to your collection. I grew up in Tulsa and worked in oil fields in the region. If we look at the trailer reminds me of hot summer and the humidity is preferred for the husband! But I miss Tulsa.hjemmesider l°sninger (http://www.danskdesign.org)

6-Jun-2012, 02:19
More books published
Nicholas Nixon , look , love , last by steidl
Richard Rothman, Redwood saw by Nazraeli.
Richard Misrach . 1991 fire. by blind spot.
Mary Ellen Mark, Prom(Polaroid 20x24 camera)
Manuel Vilari˝o, Mar adentro