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16-May-2011, 09:13
I'm looking for a longer lenns for my Shan-Hao PTB617. Would the Fujinon 450 C have to much bellows Draw to work? The Shan-Hao bellows draw is 65 mm to 310 mm. What other long er lenes could I look at for my camera. Thanks

Greg Y
16-May-2011, 09:26
You'd have to look at the 400T Fuji f8.....it needs around 260 of bellows draw. The Fuji 450 C is a non tele design & needs more bellows draw.

16-May-2011, 09:26
The 450 C is not telephoto so it would need 450mm+ of extension. Too long for your camera. Seek a telephoto design lens like a Fujinon-T.

16-May-2011, 11:12
If you were able to google you would easily find that the lens has 425mm flange focal length.

Ken Lee
16-May-2011, 11:38
See this table (http://www.ebonycamera.com/articles/lenses.html) on the Ebony web site.

The last column lists the "flange back"for many modern Large Format lenses.

Keith Pitman
16-May-2011, 11:39
A top hat lensboard could give you about 130 mm additional extension. Ebay sell jinfinance usually has them at a reasonable cost, although not today.

Warren Clark
16-May-2011, 11:58
Hi Pa

Warren Clark
16-May-2011, 12:01
Hi Panoman,

Another lens would be the Schneider 400/5.6 apo tele xenar -Compact version
Maybe a little too heavy for you but has a 250mm ic and 285mm ffl--optically
excellent and very usable also on 5x7.

Warren Clark

Lachlan 717
16-May-2011, 13:27
I've got the Schneider 360mm Tele (modern parallel front element, not older cone shaped one) for my Shen.

Relatively light, quick and very sharp. Quite large, being on a Copal 3.

Need to watch flaring, though.

As mentioned , the Fuji 400t is about the longest. Been hard to find over the last 18 months.

Steve Hamley
16-May-2011, 13:32
Another vote for the Schneider 400 apo tele xenar. Incredibly sharp, and covers 5x7 with 2" of movement according to Schneider. That means straight on with 8x10 and the last 1/2" of each corner may not meet Schneider's spec.

Cheers, Steve

Kevin Crisp
16-May-2011, 15:11
Cheap and sharp...the Wollensak 14" in an Alphax. It is big and heavy though, but made for the crown and speed, so your camera can handle it too.

17-May-2011, 08:31
Grey I was just looking for something a bit longer the 400mm. But it looks like they don't make a lens that long.

Ken Lee thanks for the Ebony table. Now I understand "Flange back" better

Keith thanks for top-hat lensboard idea never new they made something like that.

Warren I'll look at the info on the schneider.

Lachlan 717 I've got a Tele-Arton 5.5/360 I was looking at the fujinon lens so I wood not have to get so meny filters in dif. size. The tele-arton is 95mm and the rest of the lenes I have so far are 67mm. I saw one 400T on EbaY. just out of my pocketbook right now the 450mm was less in cost also. I dont see realy any lens longer them 400mm that will work on the PTB617 thow.

Thanks all

Greg Y
17-May-2011, 08:48
Panoman, How about the Nikkor 360/500 T ED? Although I don't use long lenses much, I have friends who have these & love them.

Kerry L. Thalmann
17-May-2011, 09:47
Panoman, How about the Nikkor 360/500 T ED? Although I don't use long lenses much, I have friends who have these & love them.

The 360/500mm Nikkor T-ED is definitely a Future Classic (http://www.thalmann.com/largeformat/future.htm), but with an ftf of 349.9mm a top hat lensboard would be required to use on the OPs camera with a 310mm max. bellows draw. I used my 500mm T-ED on my Toho with 380mm of bellows draw and it worked great on that camera.

Top hat lensboards are a mixed blessing. They are great for adding a little extra extension when needed, but depending on the length of the top hat board and the weight of the lens, they can put some serious torque on the front standard of the camera. They also move the lens nodal point way out in front of the front standard, which makes front tilts and swings squirrely (for lack of a better scientific term). Of course, telephoto designs also make front movements squirrely. So, there's no free lunch.

In my experience, I didn't find front tilts and swings that big of a deal when working with telephoto lenses. When using a telephoto, it usually meant I was photographing a more distant subject. So, not a lot of tilt or swing were usually required to adjust the plane of focus. And, when it was needed, I'd just use back tilts and swings.


18-May-2011, 13:16
So Kerry how big of a top hat lens board would you need for the 500mmT. And who makes top hat les boards for a Shen-Hao?

Michael Wynd
20-May-2011, 06:53
I used to have a Komuranon 300/400/500mm convertible which I only used at 400mm. I got it second hand and loved it. I used it on my 4x5 Nagaoka and 4x5 Shen Hao with a linhof board. If you see one on ebay buy it.