View Full Version : Unknown barrel Lens ID

Nick Ahlgrim
15-May-2011, 23:32
Does anyone know what lens this is? Seems to be unmarked. Its for sale with a camera that looks to be a 5x7.

The listing has no info on what size or type of lens or camera it is. Thinking I might buy the camera if the lens is of good quality. Looks like it needs a cleaning maybe more.

I think its mounted on a busted shutter, but the camera has a packard that I could use.

Here are the photos.

Steven Tribe
16-May-2011, 01:00
Someone might recognise the remains of the shutter (approximate date?). The iris has been removed too.

Ole Tjugen
16-May-2011, 04:18
The difference in thickness of the two cells might indicate that it's a triplet. Or maybe not.

Nick Ahlgrim
16-May-2011, 11:55
Last night during all my searching it started to look like to look like an old russian lens. Could be wrong. I think it might be an industar.


16-May-2011, 13:12
Can you measure the threads? Any Industar I've ever seen had metric (usually M0,75) threads.


Nick Ahlgrim
16-May-2011, 15:03
I just bought it. It was on ebay. $175.

Came with a Keith Camera and a working Packard Shutter. The lens ended up being a 8x10 Bausch and Lomb Planatograph.

From what I have found so far it is a rapid rectilinear lens. Don't know much more than that yet. I do know it isn't worth too much, but I think with the packard and the camera, I got a decent deal.

Anyone on here know anything about it? Will try the search option now.

17-May-2011, 12:26
I have an 8x10 Planatograph in a Rochester Optical shutter. It is an RR type, around 12" FL, and when I researched it, info was very scarce. I paid around $100 for mine (at auction, so at least one other person wanted to pay that much for it) around a year and a half ago.


Nick Ahlgrim
17-May-2011, 14:01
Thats good.. I was beginning to regret my purchase. Haven't found anything about the lens online yet.

I really want an 8x10 lens kit and don't have too much cash, so am buying all the cheap ones I can find.

Now I wish I could rename the thread "looking for info on the 8x10 Planatograph"