View Full Version : Over exposed band when using 405 poloroid holder

Michael L. Bird
21-Apr-2001, 17:05
I recently obtained a Polaroid 405 film holder that appears to be in excellent s hape. There were no instructions with the holder. The only possible problem I can detect is that one of the rollers does not rotate as freely as the other. I nstead of spinning freely, it takes a slight nudging to keep rolling.

I am testing this back with type 679 film packs, which I loaded in daylight. Th e film sheets sequence just fine, with each pull-tab leader protruding from the rubber light trap. I'm very careful to pull the film through the rollers slowly and carefully. I bought the 679 film packs from a local photo shop two days ag o. The film has a use-by date of March ?01 which I did not notice until I began problem solving.

My problem is that every exposure results in about a 2 stop, washed-out band acr oss the middle of the print. I've noticed that this is both the same width and position as the pull-tab leader. On the lens side of the negative, I also see t his band and it looks like rub marks that are just short of scratches on the sur face. This band is also present in the green "mixing tank" that occupies the sp ace between the developer past pods and the film sheet. My bellows is new.

What could be the problem? Also is it safe to open the 405 back with unexposed film in it? I have not done this, but I'm considering it to see if changing the position of the folded leaders makes a difference. Presently the leaders fit i n an indentation where the two halves of the 405 back close together.

Thanks much from a newbie!

Michael Bird

23-Apr-2001, 11:35
Michael, it sounds to me like you're not pulling the white tab all the way out before you pull the tab connected to the film. In my experience with polaroid holders (mostly with the 545 backs) almost every problem is associated with either dirty rollers, not pulling the film properly, or else just a problem with the film itself. I've had quite a few boxes of Type 55 film that have had faulty sheets. It's not unusual to get a case of film, and by the time you're done with it, actually have enough faulty sheets that you could fill a 20 sheet box...But, you're talking about pack film here. If I were you, I'd go to the Polaroid website & get a version of the instruction manual. They have troubleshooting info there as well as diagrams showing how to remove the rollers to clean them. It's not unusual to have to do this, it's just routine maintenance. No, you can't open the back once the film is in there. I'm having a hard time trying to visualize the "folded leaders" and their position as you have described, but I think you can probably figure it out if you can get a manual. Good luck

Scott Walton
23-Apr-2001, 15:25
Michael, It sounds as if you need to take the rollers out and clean them with alcohol. A little isopropyl on a paper towel will do wonders to unstick everything. I do this almost regularly in and out of the studio. Cheers

Robert Meier
29-Apr-2001, 11:37
You can take the partially-used film pack out IF you do it in the dark or in a changing bag, and then put it into a lighttight box or bag. The heavy black vinyl bag that paper comes in works very well.