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14-May-2011, 01:56
Hi there I wonder if you can help me. I bought a 8x10 vintage negativ. Now I would like to know how this can be developed in to an print. Will I be able to scan it or so? Or is there anyone near or in London whow can develop it? (The reason I bought is -it is from an aera / person I really like) Any help truly appreciated. Thanks Michael

14-May-2011, 03:03
When you talk about getting it developed, presumably it has already been processed (ie you can see the negative image), and you just need a print or enlargement?

I doubt you'll find many (if any) who can do a true 8x10 c-type enlargement, but 'The Printspace' have a good reputation and can more than likely do a scan to print for you.


Doremus Scudder
14-May-2011, 03:25
Assuming you have a developed negative, you should be able to print it in any of the standard ways; contact printing or enlarging. If the negative is very old, it may have more contrast than most modern printing papers like, meaning you may have to use contrast-reducing techniques.

Old negatives can be brittle, so handle it with care.

As far as scanning; it should scan fine and then you can use digital controls to adjust contrast, etc.

If you are not familiar with either of the above techniques, then I suggest you contact your local historical society, museum or university library. Most of these organizations have historical photo departments and can help you find out what you need.


Doremus Scudder

14-May-2011, 15:10
Hi, thanks for the reply!! Yes it has been processed and I can see the image aswell.I shall try to scan it and see how it goes. I will also consider theprintspace. :)

14-May-2011, 15:16
Actually do I need a certain software to convert the negative in to an picture? I am using Lightroom currently.

Steven Tribe
14-May-2011, 16:48
Ordinary picture storage (files) on laptops have a small editing facilities - but they do have colour reversal and b/w negative positive switches.
You could place on a light box, take a digital photo and so on!

Michael E
14-May-2011, 18:03
You do realize that you need a transparency scanner? The light has to pass THROUGH the neg. If you own a DSLR (you sound like you do), you can photograph the neg against an evenly lit neutral background (light box or similar setup) and convert from there.

Any professional lab (note the "professional", I'm not talking about dropping the neg off at your local drug store) or scan place should be able to handle an 8x10" negative. If it's a black&white negative, you could send it to fotoimpex (www.fotoimpex.de) in Berlin/Germany. They still do traditional printing on black&white fiber based paper. Their lab service is mentioned only on the german version of their website. Go figure.

If the negative is a glass plate, I wouldn't send it anywhere (everything else I wrote still applies).

15-May-2011, 08:21
Hi. First of all many thanks for your help!!

It is actaully a regular negativ, not glass. I assume 80 years old? (Because the picture itself give`s the date away) Unless someone has done somehow a copy.........(?)

I did send a mail to the shop in Berlin, too. Lets see what they have to say (I am there in a months time.) Dankeschoen and schoene Gruesse!

6-Jan-2012, 15:27
Hi. Photoimpex did a fantastic reprint. Can only highly recommend the boys. thanks for your advise.