View Full Version : Leviathan. Rapid Rectilnear 9 x7 Brass Barrel Lens

Edward Baylis
13-May-2011, 11:57
I am seeking any information regarding a vintage lens and what camera it could be used on.
It is a Leviathan Rapid Rectilnear, marked 9 x 7, the brass barrel lens is approx.10cm long, screw thread approx,52mm. It has an adjustable Iris diaphragm with settings f8,11.5,16,22,32,45 & 84
Many thanks

Richard Rankin
13-May-2011, 12:25
Leviathan is probably just a name made up by a retailer. I have one called 'The Cube' and cannot imagine who or why would come up with that name...

A 9x7 RR should be around 11" focal length and will probably cover 8x10 open, surely will stopped down.


13-May-2011, 17:35
Leviathan was a trade-name used by a photography retailer, Mssrs. Joseph Levi and Co in London c. 1898